When you grow up in poverty – you have already endured all of life’s lows so there’s only one way to go and that is up. We didn’t have new school shoes or clothes, I watched my fellow peers walk around with the latest shoes and clothes, while we struggled to get a decent pair shoe but amidst this chaos a vision was sparked and a dream was born and that’s how Our story begins …

Born in Durban, we have always been passionate about building strong and vibrant communities. Our aim was to create a platform where citizens could learn, collaborate and develop innovative solutions to local challenges

Whose main goal in life was to empower women and make sure no one ever endured what we had to – “

For us, this issue has always been personal. See, back when we were growing up in a working-class neighborhood, most of the folks we knew — including our parents — didn’t go to college. And we can tell you that education was everything for us, it unlocked doors to greater opportunities, it gave us the confidence to pursue our dreams ambitions and make our voice heard, YOU CAN AND WE DO.

“For us, education was power.” With our experience, wisdom & knowledge we gained from an early age being forced to carve out our own path to escape the poverty-stricken background,

There is no equality without empowerment. There is no empowerment without knowledge. Our job is to foster the opportunities so that every woman, child, and adolescent can own— and demand— their rights.”

As the founders of Alabaster training Centre, a research and training facility in rural area in Phoenix.  We are passionate about creating opportunities for people to participate in the development of their own communities, to create positive changes in their lives and to impact their communities in ways that would change their communities for future generations.

We hope that by being ‘one in a million Siblings,’ we inspire young people to pursue their dreams. The number of times we’ve heard the word ‘no’ — or that something can’t be done — in our lifetime is too many to count. We are  honored to be considered that ‘one in a million Siblings,’ that evoked the change surrounding us today, but we can never forget our roots, daily we think about the people who came before and paved the way for us to get where we today, our parents especially we think about all the sacrifices they made so we are able to stand on the shoulders of the many great men and women before US.”

We have learned to listen and to our gut instincts, to be perceptive and to be receptive. To be constantly evolving and to never stop learning, to live in ambiguity because how else can leaders today look around the corner and warn others of what’s coming? Only when you follow your gut instincts and continually renew your mind can your possibilities become realities.

“Make an impact in every single assignment that you are given. Look at it as this – how can we take this to the next level. And be confident in yourself. We think we as human we don’t have as much inherent confidence in ourselves, we tend to be harsher critics on ourselves than we need to be, we tend to constantly doubt ourselves and over think everything and THAT STOPS NOW.

Our combined individual skills set with a lifelong partnership to yield business success, A lot of us view the concept of “Sibling partnership “as sharing the last cookie in the cookie jar instead of fighting over it. But we siblings are taking it a step further, we have never planned of starting a business together, having our mom around makes us stronger and to stand on a firm foundation and ideas immediately unfolded. As far as roles go, ours is, “While we each possesses certain skillsets, we ultimately realized we would have to wear many hats, and sometimes that requires stretching, bending and molding into whatever is needed”. Somehow, when we get together to design something, we just have the same vision and feel. Though our responsibilities often overlap, but community upliftment is the one we never stop striving for .We’ve  had lots of time while growing up to figure out who was good at what ,We`ve learned that our characteristics really complement each other ,and we understand whose better at handling what task, We`ve clearly defined those characteristics and to this day we only handle what each of us does and knows best .

We have started handling different verticals of the company with our own separate teams, so on we have overcome many entrepreneurial obstacles and we owe a lot of that strength to our mom .

Moral of the story, it doesn’t matter where you come from, never use your background as a vice instead use it as a tool to build your future. Always remember that if it makes you happy it doesn’t have to make sense to anyone.

So go ahead and conquer the world, rocking your Sunday best , and leaving behind footprints for those after you to follow ,so go ahead and  BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.