Assessment Centre

  • Accreditation Number: 05-QCTO/AC-TTC110923132710
  • Organisation Unique ID: 2014/096221/07
  • Accreditation Unique ID: AC-TTC110923132710

What are assessment centre?
Assessment Centres are accredited by the QCTO AQPs to conduct EISA. All EISAs must take place at an accredited Assessment Centre.

How are assessments handled in the new dispensation?
Alabaster Training Centre incorporates formative assessments within the learning process, while summative assessments are administered through an EISA.

What is an EISA in the new dispensation?
EISA serves as a unified, nationwide evaluation process that results in the recognition of proficient learners through the Occupational Certificates. It plays a crucial role in the QCTO’s quality assurance system by establishing standardized, consistent, and credible assessments for occupational qualifications, part-qualifications, and trades.

Who will issue certificates?
The QCTO issues certificates against occupational qualifications.

Who will do external moderation?
QCTO has responsibility for external moderation.

The subject above refers:
The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) has set policies to accredit Trade Test Centre (TTC) /Assessment Centre (AC). This is to ensure that education and training in occupations and trades offered in the country are credible and valid. This is in accordance with the Skills Development Act (SDA), (Act No 97 of 1998) Chapter 6C as well as the Continuing Education and Training Act 16 of 2006.

The QCTO in collaboration with its Quality Partners (QP), after receiving your application, conducted a site inspection of the above institution premises, and we hereby Accredit Alabaster Training Centre (Pty) Ltd to Test and Access the following Occupation(s)/Trade(s) at the above accredited physical address for a period of 5 Years starting from 9/11/2023 11:25:00 AM to the 9/10/2028 10:00:00 PM.

Qualification / Programme titleNQF levelID or OFOMinimum credits
Occupational Certificate: Office AdministratorNQF Level 05102161445
Occupational Certificate: Project ManagerNQF Level 05101869240